Rafaela de Ascanio studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s, Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art and currently attends Turps Banana painting school. She has performed at Tate Modern and Peckham Festival and recently exhibited a cave of glazed vessels in The Body is a Blessed Juicy Fruit at LAMB gallery, Mayfair. Her paintings and ceramics playfully reimagine art historical tropes; symbolism from Renaissance tarot cards, landscapes from mythological painting, and compositions from Egyptian friezes. Appropriating the reverence of canonical imagery, de Ascanio paints stories depicting her contemporaries, reimagining ancient narratives with female protagonists. While these characters are portraits of artists and performers, their deification as female warriors, witches and goddesses, imbue them with individual talismanic powers; from creation and fecundity to strength and rebirth.

All images Copyright, Rafaela de Ascanio 2019

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